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Friday, June 22, 2007

Every Trainers' Dream

Everyone involved in Pokémon really wanted to be part of world events such as the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships 2007 or simply Worlds that will be held in Kona, Hawaii on August 10-12, 2007.

Through this context, one proudly Pinoy Trainer had the privilege to be part of this grand event. Joshua Doctolero got an Invite to the elusive Worlds this year. Garnering experience and points in Leagues and Tourneys, he became one of the most fortunate Trainer ever to have this opportunity to represent his/her nation. Now the Philippines has its own delegate. Other invites were given to 3 Australians and 1 Malaysian.

We, your co-trainers in the Philippines, are praying for your success in the Worlds. Make Filipinos be proud of you!