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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gallade and Gardevoir TCG Deck

UPDATE: Here's a link to an updated Gallade and Gardevoir Deck. Click Here

The Pokémon TCG Diamond and Pearl: Secret Wonders set offers new cards with awesome synergy and attacks to play with. And as a player, one will surely look for the best card the set should offer first, the Pokémon Lv. X. This set includes two Pokémon Lv. X, Gardevoir and Honchkrow. Being a Lv. X, we will take its evolution line as basis and from that I would pick Gardy than Honchy.

Gardevoir's evolution line is consist of 4: Ralts as the Basic, Kirlia as the Stage 1 and Gardevoir and Gallade as the Stage two. Gallade is the new addition in the Family and unlike his pre-evolved form he is not Psychic but Fighting. This is good news because Dark types will be popular when the next set arrives (because of Darkrai Lv. X from DP:GE).

I included 4 SW Ralts because its the one with the highest HP but you can use the DF-60 version for added attack (especially when Blissey is popular to your area), Kirlia SW to reuse Supporter Card for setup. I also added 2 versions of Gardevoir, the PK version for massive attack (anti-Blissey) and the SW version for supporting. Gallade is there for added offense and to help the Lv. X's attack.

Now, we need a decent secondary attacker with the finest sync with our primary attacker. The best choices are from the Psychic or Fighting types. Since Gardy Lv. X needs the opponent's Pokémon to have lowest HP, a high HP spreader may be paired to it. I choose Lucario for the job. It's ideal to run a 2-2 Lucario because Riolu has 60 HP and a potential starter K.O., the fact that most of the starters are mainly Colorless and weak to Fighting. Lucario can also attack while attacking with a decent amount. Having all of this Pokémon we need to setup fast and we need a starter Pokémon to fetch Supporters early. Stantler is there for this job.

The Trainers and Supporters must give additional setup and draw power to setup Gardevoir SW fast. Four Celio's Network or Bebe's Search is a must for Pokémon search. I also included Roseanne's Research or Holon Mentor for faster Basics, drawer like Prof. Oak's Visit and TG's Mars. I added TG's Wager to refresh the hand cards, in case you lose, then use Gardevoir's Telepass to use the opponent's drawers in his/her discard pile. Other Trainers are deck necessities like Night Maintenance and Warp Point. I added Rare Candy and Windstorms for faster setup and to get rid of nasty Cessation Crystals.

Energies are the basics with the mix of Multi and DRE.

Here's my own decklist:

Title: Gallade/Gardevoir Lv. X Deck
Author: Angelo de Villa

Pokémon (20):

1x Gardevoir Lv. X SW-131
1x Gardevoir PK-9
2x Gardevoir SW-7
2x Gallade SW-6
3x Kirlia SW-53
4x Ralts SW-102 or DF-60
2x Lucario DP-6
2x Riolu DP-61
3x Stantler SW-113

Trainers/Supporters (24):

4x Celio's Network or Bebe's Search
2x Roseanne's Research or Holon Mentor/Mr. Stone's Project
3x Team Galactic's Wager
2x Team Galactic's Mars
3x Professor Oak's Visit

3x Rare Candy
3x Night Maintenance
2x Windstorm
2x Warp Point

Energies (16):

6x Psychic Energy
4x Fighting Energy
4x Multi Energy
2x Double Rainbow Energy

Another version of this deck subtracts 1 Stantler to give way for 1 Lucario Lv. X.

Until next time!