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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Get Amp'd With Ampharos!

Special Thanks to PokéBeach for the image.

Ampharos (SW-1/132) is a great addition to the Bench attacking Pokémon Family in TCG! It has a solid 130 HP, a understandable +30 weakness to Fighting, a nice -20 resistance to Metal and quite massive 3 retreat cost.

Its Primary function is its PokéBody Jamming.

PokéBody: Jamming
After your opponent plays a Supporter Card from his or her hand, put 1 damage counter on each of your opponent's Pokémon. You can't use more than 1 Jamming PokéBody each turn.

Having Amphy in the Bench may restrict the opponent in using Supporter cards or he or she may face the consequence of putting 1 damage counter on all of his or her Pokémon.

Its Cluster Bolt attack do 70 damage for 1 Lightning and 2 of any kind. Use it and you'll have the option to discard all Lightning Energies attached to Amphy and do 20 damage to your opponent's Benched Pokémon that has energy cards attached to it. A good counter attack to Magneton PK, Honchkrow MT, Blaziken PK, Typholosion MT and the future Leafeon Lv. X that leaves energized Pokémon on the Bench.

Being a Stage 2 Pokémon means that a deck with Amphy must have Rare Candies to speed up its Bench appearance. This Pokémon is indeed one of the most precious additions to Pokémon TCG.

"Empoleon meet your new teammate, Ampharos!"

Pokémon TCG Diamond & Pearl: Secret Wonders

The next DP expansion, Secret Wonders, is really the best expansion yet. It features additional 130 cards and new Pokémon Lv. X, Gardevoir and Honchkrow and an expected but not yet confirmed Garchomp as the set's secret card. Its theme decks, Powerhouse and Lavaflow are based in the more improved version of Electivire and Magmortar. It also houses Kanto Starters, Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise which are way too powerful!

Since Pokémon is under Neutral Grounds management here in the Philippines, they announced that DP:SW will be available on December 5th.

This set is really the best. I myself is thinking of buying a Booster Box for it.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blissey, A Tough Egg to Crack

Special Thanks to PokéBeach for the image.

Blissey is invading the nation. The Pokémon TCG community is currently seeing a huge mass of players using Blissey as their primary Pokémon. There are slight variations thou, but the main strategy is to power-up its Happy Chance attack.

Zapped Egg is a variation of the Blissey deck having Raichu MT as its energy engine. Its main strategy is setup Raichu to energize Blissey until being KOed. When Blissey has the insane number of energies, off it goes to KO anyone in its way. Having Trainers to speed up setup and vast amount of Lightning and Boost energies, Blissey's attack is limitless.

Another Blissey variation is called Grass Time which includes Celebi MT and Exeggutor MT. Its starter Pokémon, Celebi can use Sprouting in the early game to stall Grass energies. Then, in the later part of the game, Celebi can also use Leaf Tornado to manipulate energies to either Blissey or Exeggutor. Its secondary attacker, Exeggutor can also attack using insane amount of energy and stall up to two Grass energies to your Pokémon. This deck revolves around this synergy, playing energies and making them stay by retreating and manipulating them. Since it needs a lot of retreating, just in case the going gets tough, it is packed with Trainers such as Warp Point, Switch and Super Scoop Up.

The third variation of Blissey is the BlissCatty. It is composed of Delcatty PK and Sableye CG. The deck makes use of the added effect of Blissey's Happy Chance attack that fetches a basic energy card from the Discard Pile. While Delcatty can discard an energy to draw three cards and Sableye can see the top card of your deck and discard it if you want, Blissey can use those discarded energies to power up its own attack all at once. It has the basic Trainer line with a slight twist in the Energy line adding Holon Energy WP and Holon Energy FF with Psychic and Fire to Retreat and surpass Weakness.

Other variations are really limitless. Some are using it with Magneton PK that shares its energy greed attack. Some are using Lucario for Balance. Some are even using it with Manectric MT and Crobat MT! The possibilities are endless.

Since Blissey can stand on its own, any card added with it to attain its full potential will make any deck victorious! Truly, Blissey is a tough egg to crack.

Friday, October 12, 2007

TCG at its Best

Special thanks to PokéBeach and PokéGym for the images.

Today TCG Players all over the world are having trouble on having their Decks tuned up for the HP-On Modified format. It requires cards that will cover all EX expansion from Holon Phantoms to Power Keepers and DP expansions from the base Diamond and Pearl up to the future releases.

Since there are modifications in the weakness and resistance of Pokémon on DP expansion, most of the trainers are using DP Pokémon as their new prime attackers. This really means "Bye bye Delta Species, reign of Sinnoh Pokémon start!" New Pokémon Lv. X and powerful PokéPowers and PokéBodies, what more can you ask for!

Trainer line haven't changed a bit, leaving the legendary Holon Engine along the way. Since EX Delta Species expansion is rotated out, many of the powerful trainers vanished. But again, DP expansions is the "Start of Something New" in Pokémon TCG. One of the greatest addition is the so-called Holon Farmer reincarnation, Night Maintenance from DP-MT. (See the Picture)

Energy line is still solid. With the addition of new basic energies, Metal and Dark, the game play is now more enjoyable. We are hoping for more special energies. (A special Psychic Energy? Hmm... is that possible?)

As a summary, Pokémon TCG is becoming to be bigger and better. Having all the new addition and all new gameplay it is a good experience for both beginners and professional.