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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let The Revolution, Begin!

After so many years of ups and downs, Pokémon fans are now uniting for a single purpose: to keep Pokémon alive in our country. Through the years we've seen how Pokémon crashed down and many really don't know that it is still in existence. I was a living example before. I am a big Pokémon fan. But I really felt alone in the dark until I saw PKMN-ph, a filipino Pokémon community. After that I realized, Am I the only fan lost in midair? Or maybe there are more? This made me think on joining the so-called Revolution.

Pokémon Revolution is a movement of filipino fansite for the sake of Pokémon Filipino Fans. This circle of fansites will make everything to make Pokémon at the summit of thriupth.

Pokémon fan sites like pkmp-ph, pokemon-ph and all other sites and blogs are pursuing with this same goal. Let every fan be known. Let our hopes and dreams come to reality. Let our stand be known. Let the revolution begin!

Pokémon Revolutioneer

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Journey To Holon Region FanFic

After having a little break on writing, I'll be continuing the fanfic book I'm doing. Now I'm done with the chapter wherein Cloud had a Pokémon battle between the Holon Mentor!

Cloud is a trainer that bears all Hoenn Region Badges and flying Pokémon. Can he defeat the Holon Mentor that use all Basic Delta Specie Pokémon in his rooster?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Journey To Holon Region (An Excerpt)

"A Jorney To Holon Region" is a fanfic book I am currently writing. It is based on EX Delta Species, a Pokémon TCG expansion.

Chapter 1 – An Accident, the Journey to Holon Region

In the unknown regions of time, strange and wondrous creatures appeared on this planet. We called them Pokémon. Over the years, countless varieties of Pokémon developed. Researchers identified hundreds of different types. And many more are yet to be discovered.
Many tales have been passed down on the extraordinary adventures we humans shared with our Pokémon friends. There have been conflicts too. But over the ages we’ve learned to live in harmony. And so the story continues.

Today there are heroes who collect Pokémon and train hard in battle. Some of them even dream of becoming Pokémon Masters, which is an exciting journey, full of challenges too. Being a trainer requires dedication and spirit. This road can certainly be long and difficult, but those who travel will find many friends along the way. Together humans and Pokémon will carry on a story facing new challenges and sharing new adventures that will become the tales of tomorrow.

Today we will see new trainers never been mentioned in the tales of our hero, Ash Ketchum. Three not-so-good trainers will have an unforgettable and unbelievable journey in the world of Pokémon.
After their defeat in the Ever Grande City, three young trainers, Cloud, Tyron and Charm are on their way to a ferry that will lead them to Vermillion City. They thought of competing in the Indigo League, where they may have an edge. Inside the ferry the saw many trainers that were like them, defeated by Ash & Pikachu, Morrison and Tyson. Some of them are even claiming that luck wasn't on their side.
It was seven o’clock sharp and it’s almost time for the boat to leave. Cloud was still depressed on what happened on all of his Pokémon. He could never forget how Ash's Pikachu wiped out all six of them in just single shots each. He was really traumatized about that one last fight at the eliminations. Tyron, just beside him, was business as usual, gazing at the female trainers aboard the ferry. On the other hand, Charm noticed four strange passengers, each wearing formal coats, which were tactically separated from each other. One of them has a Briefcase chained in his wrist. The other one was on a white coat talking with someone in his PokéGear. The one next to it has a strange looking watch that he inspects constantly, and the last one holding a Red Rod.
"Hey guys, look." Charm whispered Cloud and Tyron. "Can't you two fell something strange?"
"Yeah." Tyron replied. "These pretty girls are losers too, just like us."
"I lost to a Pikachu..." Cloud interrupted.
"Never mind!" Charm exclaimed.
Charm had a strange feeling when they were already in the middle of the sea. She saw the strange looking man shut off his PokéGear. To overcome her feelings she made herself busy by cheering the boys up.

"Hey you guys, it’s not the end of our Pokémon Journey yet!" Charm said. "Its just getting started, besides, losing for the first time isn't that bad after all."
Cloud snapped out of depression after hearing what Charm said.
"You know Charm, I think you're right! Let's leave our defeat in Hoenn and say hello to a new start when we reach Kanto." Cloud said.
The three looked at each other.
"Kanto Region, Here we come!" the three of them exclaimed.
Suddenly, a smokescreen filled the dark night. The crowd went to panic. The emergency signals went on; the boat seems unstable in the big waves of the sea.
"I told you something strange is going on here." Charm Said.
Cloud grabbed his Pokéball and threw on the air.
"Go, Swellow!" He said. "Swellow, use Gust attack to blew the smokescreen out."
Swellow did blow the smokescreen and revealed their sight. The four strange men were actually from different teams and a researcher. Each of the team members was from Team Rocket, Team Magma, and Team Aqua. Swellow returned to its Pokéball. They seem to be fighting for the briefcase.
"Give that orb to me. It will show us power for all the Pokémon of Team Magma!" One said.
"It's mine! The boss will promote me with this." The other one said.
"I'll never give it to any of you, never!" The researcher said.
"Seviper, go!" The Team Rocket member said. "Seviper, open the briefcase now!"
Seviper bit the briefcase and a yellow orb popped out. It rolled out and was lost in the panicking crowd.
"Go, Linoone! Find the orb." Cloud instructed his Linoone.
Cloud, Tyron and Charm managed to reach the researcher while the team members are busy looking for the orb.
"Trainers, find the orb." The researcher said. "Don't let them have it."
"What is it on the orb that they need, Sir?" Tyron asked.
"It’s the Holon Orb." He replied. "It is the only key to Holon Region."
"What?" the three asked again in confusion.
A huge wave capsized the ferry and sent them floating on the salty sea. Linoone instantly returned into its Pokéball. Cloud, Tyron, and Charm hold each other’s hands. Another gigantic wave rushed through them.
The next thing that came to Tyron’s mind is his headache he felt. Then he realized that they survived the huge waves last night.
"Whoa, it looks like we’re the only survivors." Tyron thought.
Then he checked Charm and Cloud to see if they’re all right.
"Where are we anyway?" Charm thought while seeing the huge island they are into.
"I don’t know Charm." Cloud replied. "Hey, there’s a tower over there. Let’s go see."

Energies to Energize

After doing some browsing on the Japanese Pokémon Card Website I found the eight Basic Energy Cards that will make its appearance in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Premier Set.

The layout looks like the traditional Energy Cards with a slight twist by adding the oval-like 3D effect on the background. Its also fun to see the Darkness and Metal Energy as Basics now.

Burning Tunder (Deck Analysis)

Finally. After another long break due to college and other priorities, the Shadow Trainer is back. And, finally, he comes bearing new deck strategies for you to play with!

Burning Thunder is the combination of Fire and Lightning Pokémon. The deck is equipped with mixed fire and lightning Tyranitar family. Tyranitar δ ex, a lightning type, has an attack called Electromark, which put a shockwave marker to any of your opponents Pokémon in play. Its second attack, Hyper Claws, can dish out a massive 70 damage and 20 more damage if the defending Pokémon is a Stage 2 evolved Pokémon. That’s a solid attack, but what’s with the shockwave marker? Its third attack answers this matter. Shockwave, Tyranitar δ ex’s third attack, instantly knocks out any Pokémon with a shockwave marker on. Even an undamaged Pokémon with 200 HP will just be two hits to dish out. Tyranitar δ, a fire/metal type, has a Poké-Power called Crush Draw, that reveals the top card of your deck and if it’s an energy card, you can attach it to your Pokémon, if not, it returns to the top of the deck. This is mainly useful in boosting your active or even your benched Pokémon. The deck revolves around this strategy, powering up "The Lightning" for its devastating Electromark-Shockwave Combo.

As usual, a decklist is provided. Remember, this is pre-constructed for my own way of play, and can (and probably should) be changed before taking the deck out to play in a major Championship event.

Pokémon (22):
2 Tyranitar δ ex (DF)
2 Tyranitar δ (DS)
2 Pupitar δ (DF)
4 Larvitar δ (DS)
2 Spearow (CG)
2 Fearow δ (CG)
2 Feebas δ (DF)
2 Milotic δ (DF)
4 Holon's Castform (HP)

Trainers (26):
3 Holon Transceiver
2 Holon Adventurer
2 Holon Mentor
2 Holon Researcher
2 Holon Lass
1 Holon Farmer
1 Holon Scientist
2 Prof. Elm's Training Method
2 Prof. Oak's Research
3 Rare Candy
2 Warp Point
2 Giant Stump
2 Power Tree

Energy (12):
6 Fire Energy
6 Lightning Energy

Now, to explain each card in this deck.

Holon's Castform is your best starting Pokemon. Because the entire Basic setup is Delta Pokemon, Holon's Castform can be drawing a LOT of cards very early in the game. It is there merely as a setup Pokemon, and is wholly expendable after the first three turns, once you get Milotic δ, Fearow δ and/or any Tyranitars set up.

Tyranitar δ ex is your main attacker in this deck. Tyranitar δ has the added bonus to energize your Pokémon every turn. His Poke-POWER allows you to look at the top card of your deck, if it’s a basic energy, put that card into any of your Pokémon, and if not, return it on top of your deck. This doesn't look like much, but it can be done wherever Tyranitar δ is in play, even on the bench. This means that both Tyranitars needs each other, the fire type energizes while the lightning type attacks.

Fearow δ acts as a deck navigator that gets δ Pokémon quick using its Delta Sign Poké-Power. Milotic δ may be very advantageous in two ways using its Poké-Power, Sharing. One, it can reveal your opponent’s hand cards. And two, pick a supporter card in it and use its effect. This may spoil your opponent’s strategy and luck in some ways that his own supporter card may give you triumph.

The large amount of Holon Supporter cards are to load up your Discard pile with Energy cards while still getting the cards that you need from your deck. Holon Mentor is a valuable tool early in the game, while it can be good Holon Supporter fodder late game when you are completely set up. Holon Researcher is, in part, a replacement for Celio's Network that works very well in this deck. Holon Scientist is simply an advantage card. Since you are using Holon Transceiver, you can get to that one Scientist at any point during the game, making it quite valuable when your opponent decides to load up his or her hand. Farmer is a good Recovery card, but it's not so great when used in multiples. Holon Adventurer is card drawing, pure and simple. Most of the time, you'll find yourself dropping energy cards using Adventurer rather than getting the 4 cards from discarding a Pokémon through it. Holon Lass loads your hand with energy card in an early game. But it spoils Crush Draw in the middle part.

Prof. Elm’s Training Method is there as your main Search engine. He can get to your Tyranitars very quickly. He really should be self-explainable. Rare Candy is the same thing. Just get you to both Tyranitars quickly.

Power Tree can retrieve these energy cards turn by turn in an added bonus that many decks use special energy cards that prohibits them on using the Power Tree. Giant Stump acts as an emergency exit, it lets you discard a badly injured Pokémon on the bench, avoiding a crucial knockout.

The Energy setup is more filler than anything else, even though it's vital to the deck. The Trainers and Pokemon are FAR more important than the Energy here, especially with Castform running around in the deck.


This is a deck with very few specific weaknesses. Most of the things that beat this deck are simply good strategy from the player or deck opposing it.

A well packed Grass-Lightning Deck can devastate this deck really quick. But still, Milotic δ and Tyranitar δ can hold most of the Grass types out there. For the lightning types, just fight lightning with lightning, I guess. Any card that shuts down Poké-Powers, such as Cursed Stone, is another threat to this deck. But a quick victorious setup may overcome this scenario, especially when Tyranitar δ ex appears fast. There’s no more need for the Poké-Powers Sharing, Delta Sign and even Crush Draw.

The most important thing to remember when trying to stop this deck is that speed kills. The faster the deck is that faces Burning Thunder, the better that deck should fair against it. Burning Thunder is a little bit basic than most other decks in the format, but it packs a much better punch than most decks out there. If you can get the first GOOD hit in, then you have a good chance of beating this deck.

RexRazor? Who is he anyway?

Many Pokémon trainers in the community are maybe thinking of this post's title.

Well, I'm Angelo de Villa, a Pokémon Fan since its initial launch in the Philippines. I'm in to the Pokémon Video Games and TCG.

Maybe your next question would be: "Why did you let the time pass before making such 'moves' for Pokémon?"

Well, being remote from the Metro is indeed a great boundary. I never did know that Pokémon still exist here. I felt all alone. I get to have Info from www.Pokémon.Com and that's all.

Then, I suddenly saw some TCG Boosters on sale at SkyBucks, Robinson's Place Lipa (The nearest metro in my place). I was shocked at what I saw. I was that amazed to see the TCG alive in the Phillipines.

I did some research and did found Neutral Grounds Forums. Being used to Internet dependency, I gathered all the cardlists and well understood everything. I created decks in MS Excel. Having the experience from the Gameboy TCG video game, I did created a Deck using bench attacks, Glalie from Unseen Forces and Claydol of Holon Phantoms.

I learned about the National Championships. I did compete there but unfortunately I was never able to finish the event due to Location matters, SM Megamall is really far from San Juan, Batangas. I was amazed to see the decks of many and I formulated my own "Deck Formula" which I use until now. Then months passed by. I was then pressured to play Yu-Gi-Oh TCG by my classmates and friends in College.

They did said that Pokémon is just for kids but I defended Pokémon's stand. My riends called me Deck Mech, short for Deck Mechanic. I made decks of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh perfectly. Then I learned about PKMNph. I signed in and realized that It way nearly too late but I will try. It did quite well. I remembered when I posted my Deck on the Deck Garage there. One posted that my deck actually has guts for a beginner. When I learned about it, I smiled and said: "I was just a nobody then but I'm not a beginner." From then on, we became friends and he even helped me fetch the cards I need for my deck. You know who you are... *Wehehe*

May this post explain myself in the Pokémon Community. I RexRazor, the King of Baldes, is here to serve in the Pokémon Revolution. Labeled as the Shadow Trainer or Deck Mech, I'll do what ever it takes to keep Pokémon alive at every fan's heart. I promise!

A Glimpse from the Shadow

Yesterday was likely to be "No Blog Post Day" to me... Its Barangay Fiesta in my place, cool, yet, boring. I get to surf the internet but just to check out my accounts, oh boy! But at least I am able to enjoy a day without work and with Pokémon TCG. Huh? Yeah, you read that right, Pokémon TCG. What could I possibly be doing with a bunch of Trading Cards and a pile of Deck Replicas... *Thinking* Woah! A mini tournament! After the deep thinking part I made a mini tournament with the decks both replicas and real cards I own.

Mini Tournament Participants:
  1. Eeveelutions Deck (Worlds 2006 1st Runner-Up)
  2. Burning Thunder Deck (A deck I created, Uses Tyranitar δ ex, Tyranitar δ, Milotic δ and Fearow δ w/ the Holon Engine)
  3. PsyVolts Deck (My own Deck, Uses Flygon δ ex, Jolteon ex and Lickitung δ w/ Holon Engine)
  4. Back2Basics Deck ( A deck I created, Uses Mew ex, Basics with confusion attacks and Skarmory ex)
  5. Plant Parade Deck ( D&P Deck I created, based on Torterra, Roserade and Vespiquen)
  6. Psychic Tactic Deck ( D&P Deck I created, Based on Gengar, Dusknoir and Wobbuffet)

And the tourney started. Want to know who used the said decks? Well, It was me... and my alter egos... *wahaha* Its kind of weird but the venue was just on my bedroom. The tourney spanned about 7am up to 1pm. I even skipped lunch to finish it. The Champion was Psychic Tactic, followed by Plant Parade then, a close fight on the Third place was between Back2Basics and Burning Thunder with was won by Back2Basics.

It was really fun and I enjoyed it. I even had ideas on how to make my almost perfect deck a massive winning deck.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pokémon: A Factor of World Friendship

In the release of the 4th Generation of Pokémon in Diamond & Pearl, one great feature caught the eyes of many, the wifi connection feature.

With this breath taking technological advancement players all around the world gained access to each other in order to trade and battle, along with making friends by the way.

As an added feature, trainers can do live chat while trading and battling other trainers. Wow! Have a cousin in USA? No problem, just use the battle or trade feature using Wifi and have a "Hello, How are you there?" while on play. It eliminates the the boundaries to make players keep in touched.

I had a chat with my friend lately. He owns a Pokémon Diamond Version on his DS Lite. He told me that Japanese Trainers are really awesome. I asked why. "Two Japanese Trainers are willing to trade their Spiritomb to me," he said. Thinking that Spiritomb is a tricky Pokémon to catch, it is really awesome. He did the trade with one of them for a Male Kirlia. Not bad for a Spiritomb, I said. "We had a chat while trading and now we frequently do battles." he added. That's earning a new friend from play.
To start making wifi battles you must have the following:
  1. A Nintendo DS or DS Lite
  2. A Pokémon Diamond or Pearl Game Pak
  3. A Wifi USB Connector plug into a Broadband Internet enabled PC or find a wifi Hotspot
The connection is to simple. For more details check your DS or DS Lite Manual.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Getting Ready for Pokémon TCG Diamond & Pearl

Again I've created unique layouts for the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl TCG. While the Set isn't out yet in the Philippines I snagged some infos about the cardlist and created 2 experimental prototype decks from the gathered bits of info, namely Plant Parade and Psychic Tactic.

Plant Parade is based on the card Torterra, one of the starter on the NDS game. Honestly, its like love at first sight... literally! Torterra caught my attention in an instant (view my previous posts to know why). I added up the whole Roserade evolution line for my secondary attacker plus Vespiquen evolution line for healing. The Trainer Engine I used is the classical "Direct Draw Engine". The so-called "Holon Engine" won't function that much to DP expansion due to lack of Delta Species Pokémon they depend on, I guess... But I added up Holon Mentor. Its an excellent card. I also added a new Supporter Card, Professor Rowan. Its like a modified version of today's Professor Oak's Research. It saves one single card from your hand, set that card aside, shuffle the rest to the deck, then draw 4 more cards. Nice! Same Energy Line as before, no special energies.

On the other hand, Psychic Tactic is based on my favorite Pokémon, Gengar. This deck is centered on ghost type Pokémon plus the Wobbuffet evolution line. Same Trainer Engine as Plant Parade with a slight change to fit the needs of Psychic Pokémon. Same goes with the energies.

Hopefully I'll be exerting much effort to make this deck perfect and be able to play it on the nearest possible tournament (after Prerelease, I guess). I can't afford to go to a Official Leagues... Batangas is way to far on the league venues on the Metro... Well, that's for now...
The Shadow Trainer is Back in its Tracks...

Monday, May 7, 2007

Gallade and Gardevoir

Ralts, Kirlia, Gallade... Huh? Gallade?

Maybe every trainer by this time is thinking of the male version of Gardevoir, its Gallade. Being the 475th specie of the 4th Gen. Pokémon. Gallade can be obtain by using a Dawn Stone on a male Kirlia.

Gardevoir is a pure Psychic Pokémon. It is the replacement for both Hypno and Gengar evolution line for the 3rd Gen. Pokémon having both their specialties, the Hypnosis-Dream Eater Combo, and the powerful Psychic attack.

Unlike its counter-part, Gardevoir, Gallade is a Fighting and Psychic Pokémon. It is capable of learning moves like False Swipe and Close Combat.

Both of them will make their appearances on both Diamond and Pearl.

For more information about Gardevoir, Click Here.
For more information about Gallade, Click Here.
For more information about Gallade and Gardevoir in TCG, Click Here.

A Busy Monday

Oh boy.... What a busy Monday this is... Too many work to do: rush ID pictures, picture layouts for weddings, image search on the web... Boy! Its making me really exhausted! But summer is work for me. Having a Photo Studio as my family's business means I get to do work as an obligation. But I get used to it, besides, I'm currently enjoying the Internet Connection, ha ha ha...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Internet Life

My Internet Life is like the Phoenix;
It dies every sunset and reincarnates
the next morning;
With new thoughts, new ideas...

...and a new beginning

Pokémon D/P TCG

Honestly, when I saw the first DP Card Scans, Torterra Lv.45 caught my attention. Its Leaf Storm attack is really awesome, dealing 60 damage to the defending Pokémon while removing 2 damage counters from every Grass Pokémon you control, including itself. It can even out smarten the Arch type Flygon δ ex of EX Dragon Frontier... I'm really sure this card will be a great hit when Pokémon DP on TCG arrives on the Philippines soon.

Nintendo DS Lite on December

Oh Boy... I want a Nintendo DS lite badly... Its out of my budget but it really rocks! I guess its seven long months more before I'll have mine...

Pokémon DP Deck Making

Woah... taking to consideration both EX and DP expansions, Deck making is really complicated nowadays. Too many factors to consider, Pokémon, Trainers, Supporters, Stadiums, Energies and how all of them will function together... Oh Boy!

Connections, Setup!

Since our Internet Connection was established, I was finding ways on how to "reincarnate" my online life... I think I'm one step up the ladder with this blog.

I'm still waiting for my Sinnoh Adventure. Not yet sure if I going to be a TCG Player or a Nintendo DS Player or BOTH! But in some what way, I kind of liked the new Pokémon Diamond on NDS for its Worldwide Connections. But if I'll gonna pursue having a DS or DS lite, It will take me about December to get one... that's the sad part.