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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gardevoir Lv.X, Bring that Pokémon Down!

Special Thanks to PokéGym for the Images

The third Diamond and Pearl set, Secret Wonders, houses a lot of powerful Pokémon. One of these is Gardevoir Lv. X. Being a Level Up Pokémon we must also take into consideration its previous level and whole evolution line.

There are currently 4 Ralts in the format, 1 being a δ delta species, 2 of which are standard 50 HP Basics and 1 DP SW with 60 HP. I do prefer the DF-60 Ralts with Psychic Boom, for it can KO Blissey fast.

When talking about Kirlia, the best one is the new SW version that allows you to reuse your Supporter cards from your Discard Pile. This is really game breaking for some instance that your Supporters are all used up.

Now let's take a look on Gardevoir. Its PokéPower is genius! The ability to use your opponent own Supporter Card in his or her discard pile is superb! Its attavk, Psychic Lock is also good to restrict your opponent's PokéPowers.

Gardevoir Lv. X gives worry free switching with its PokéPower, Teleportation. Its attack, Bring Down, is awesome for bench attacking decks, just be sure to use it wisely or else you'll end up being KOed yourself.

This cards are really powerful. I have a weird feeling that we'll be seeing this lineup a lot this season.