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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Being an Engineering Student

Being an engineering student isn't that easy at all. Vast Math related subjects ranging from College Algebra to Calculus. Also, being a scholar at the same time sometimes really makes me faint inside. Its a must to have grades no lower that 2.0 (87-89) or else, I'll be a plain paying student as the others are. Well, my institution won't give free tuition fees, miscellaneous fees and Php 1000 allowance per month for nothing. We scholars must at least be at the Dean's List.

Thank God at this point of time I'm still a full scholar. I'm a Dean's Lister last two semesters, and still hoping to be one this whole second year.

Sorry, if I really can't update this blog and Shadow Point regularly. But still, I can really budget everything up.

For those unposted articles stocked in my USB Drive, please wait for the right time. you'll be posted in a while when I make things stable.