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Friday, October 12, 2007

TCG at its Best

Special thanks to PokéBeach and PokéGym for the images.

Today TCG Players all over the world are having trouble on having their Decks tuned up for the HP-On Modified format. It requires cards that will cover all EX expansion from Holon Phantoms to Power Keepers and DP expansions from the base Diamond and Pearl up to the future releases.

Since there are modifications in the weakness and resistance of Pokémon on DP expansion, most of the trainers are using DP Pokémon as their new prime attackers. This really means "Bye bye Delta Species, reign of Sinnoh Pokémon start!" New Pokémon Lv. X and powerful PokéPowers and PokéBodies, what more can you ask for!

Trainer line haven't changed a bit, leaving the legendary Holon Engine along the way. Since EX Delta Species expansion is rotated out, many of the powerful trainers vanished. But again, DP expansions is the "Start of Something New" in Pokémon TCG. One of the greatest addition is the so-called Holon Farmer reincarnation, Night Maintenance from DP-MT. (See the Picture)

Energy line is still solid. With the addition of new basic energies, Metal and Dark, the game play is now more enjoyable. We are hoping for more special energies. (A special Psychic Energy? Hmm... is that possible?)

As a summary, Pokémon TCG is becoming to be bigger and better. Having all the new addition and all new gameplay it is a good experience for both beginners and professional.