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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Up-coming Modified Format, DP-On?

UPDATE: Here's a link PokéBeach confirming DP-On as the next Modified Format. Click Here

Diamond and Pearl, DP: Mysterious Treasures, DP: Secret Wonders, DP: Great Encounters, and now DP: Majestic Dawn and the upcoming DP: Legend Awakens. These are the next generation Pokémon TCG Sets. These sets do created new dimensions to the TCG game play and added new twists to strategy.

The current Modified Format runs under HP-On. This season will last until Worlds on August. After our Nationals, the main big event, and the fact that I never did make it to it, the next big preparation is to tune-up the whole deck for the future format. But what is the future format?

Players over the forums, Blogs and even the wonderful RedShark application speculates that the next Modified Format will be DP-On. Well, it is indeed nice other than some of our beloved cards won't make it. Cards such as Double Rainbow Energy, Scramble Energy, Steven's Advice, Cessation Crystal and Castaway are just some of the precious cards that will be unplayable on DP-On.

Well, of course, the game changes from time to time. Who knows, maybe, DRE and Scrambles might be reprinted in DP: Legend Awakens. the only thing we can do now is to wait.