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Monday, June 2, 2008

Redshark TCG Simulation Application

Special Thanks to PokéBeach for hosting our Beloved Application

"Whoa! I tested it last weekend and it stink!"

"I made a new deck and it was fabulous!"

These are usual expressions when new sets are out in the market. Players are eager to play test new decks and see some possible outcome. But the down part is, what if we can't have those cards to play test? Are the cards worth keeping? Well, having access to all the cards and play testing it is the goal of a TCG Simulation Application like Redshark.

Redshark is a Fan-made TCG program that lets you simulate our beloved Pokémon TCG game. It gives you access to all the cards from Base Set up to the latest sets. It makes you want to experiment more on strategies and to do some deck tweaks all by your self, especially when preserving the "Surprise Factor" for a newly born Rogue Deck.

I myself use this to predict new card combos because we have a late set release here in the Philippines.

To learn more about Redshark, Click Here.

From now on, all decklists that will be featured here in this blog will have a Redshark deck file download link. Some e-mails did request this feature. thanks for your continuous support.