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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Speed Eeveelutions Deck

Eeveelutions is quite a popular deck ever since it existed in the TCG universe. Its dynamic evolution line is an asset of diversity that can match up with any situation on the battlefield.

In building a Eeveelutions deck we must consider speed above all. Having 4 Eevees is a must for it will be the root of all evolutions. Both Leafeon and Glaceon have powerful Level-Ups and are essential to any Eeveelutions Deck. Having a 2-2 of each is a must. Then the next on is the anti-metagame evolution that will eat up about 2 Pokémon slots. It may be Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon or Umbreon. Additionally, Espeon and Umbreon has special Poké-Bodies that makes Eeveelutions more versatile.

Then add in the "Speed Engine" composed of a 2-2 Claydol GE and 3~4 Chatot MD. Boom! Pokémon Lineup complete!

Almost any Supporter/Trainer Line will work with the "Speed Engine" specially if the opponent is running with Claydol GE too.

Energies depend on the Eon anti-metagame you choose.

Here's my list:


To download the Redshark Deck File (.dek), Right click in the download link and choose "Save Target as" or "Save Link as", then save it on your Redshark Directory.

Speed Eeveelutions Deck (DP-On)
[Download Redshark .DEK File Here]

Pokémon (21):

2x Leafeon Lv. X (MD)
2x Leafeon (MD-7)
2x Glaceon Lv. X (MD)
2x Glaceon (MD-5)
2x Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon/Espeon/Umbreon
4x Eevee (MD-62)
2x Claydol (GE)
2x Baltoy (GE)
3x Chatot (MD)

Supporters/Trainers (21):

4x Bebe's Search
3x Roseanne's Research
4x Professor Oak's Visit
2x Team Galactic's Wager

2x Lake Boundary
2x Premier Ball
2x Warp Point
2x Night Maintenance

Energies (18):

4x Grass Energy
4x Water Energy
4x Lightning/Fire/Psychic/Dark Energy
4x Multi Energy
2x Call Energy