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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why NDS over PSP

UPDATE: Here's a link to CNET's Prizefight Sony PSP Slim vs. Nintendo DS Lite. Click Here

Nintendo DS versus Sony Playstation Portable. This has been a great issue since its initial launch not only in Japan but the rest of the world. Forums hosted threads to distinguish which is which, usually labeled as "DS vs PSP Thread". It is a hot topic indeed, seeing users of each gadget defend their beloved handheld console.

Japan, USA, Europe and the Rest of the World Sales Records shows a huge difference in the sales between PSP and DS. It looks like Nintendo has regained its handheld console glory over its competitor, Sony. Some says that DS trumps over PSP because of the Price. A brand new PSP Slim costs about US$ 299.90 while a brand new Nintendo DS Lite costs about US$ 199.90. But I object. Its not the price of the unit that sums it all up, its the DS unit itself!

Both PSP and DS are labeled as the next generation consoles. Nintendo DS did gave way to new technologies, adding the Touch and Mic enabled games. It hosts awesome games like the popular Mario franchise, Pokémon and more. New titles took advantage over the powerful and interesting Touch Screen Technology too, adding a whole new pool of games. The Wifi technology also gave games a whole new twist and turn. The GTS system or the Global Trading Station is also making noise. Using a 3rd-party game cartridge, the NDS gains the ability to make use of a Micro SD Memory card that enables the unit to play Homebrew games, music, video, pictures and official game "Backup" a.k.a. ROMs.

The PSP, on the other hand, also added the Wifi enabled games and made the ever-popular console "Playstation" handy. Looking towards its goal to be a next generation console, the PSP is a failure! Is rawly a portable version of the PS or PS2 with no added feature! It does play music, videos and views pictures, but the main point its to have a next gen gaming console not a portable multimedia device. Another point is that PSP games lack game play experience. Graphics are stunning and, honestly I was amazed to see full 3D games but the storyline doesn't stand out.

For me NDS is the ultimate choice. Not just because of the price, not just because of the Pokémon titles, but the DS console itself. Awesome new interface, a pool of awesome games, and a bunch of wonderful add-ons using a 3rd-party game pack. A portable GAMING device!

No wonder, the DS sales out numbered the PSP's.