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Monday, May 14, 2007

Pokémon: A Factor of World Friendship

In the release of the 4th Generation of Pokémon in Diamond & Pearl, one great feature caught the eyes of many, the wifi connection feature.

With this breath taking technological advancement players all around the world gained access to each other in order to trade and battle, along with making friends by the way.

As an added feature, trainers can do live chat while trading and battling other trainers. Wow! Have a cousin in USA? No problem, just use the battle or trade feature using Wifi and have a "Hello, How are you there?" while on play. It eliminates the the boundaries to make players keep in touched.

I had a chat with my friend lately. He owns a Pokémon Diamond Version on his DS Lite. He told me that Japanese Trainers are really awesome. I asked why. "Two Japanese Trainers are willing to trade their Spiritomb to me," he said. Thinking that Spiritomb is a tricky Pokémon to catch, it is really awesome. He did the trade with one of them for a Male Kirlia. Not bad for a Spiritomb, I said. "We had a chat while trading and now we frequently do battles." he added. That's earning a new friend from play.
To start making wifi battles you must have the following:
  1. A Nintendo DS or DS Lite
  2. A Pokémon Diamond or Pearl Game Pak
  3. A Wifi USB Connector plug into a Broadband Internet enabled PC or find a wifi Hotspot
The connection is to simple. For more details check your DS or DS Lite Manual.