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Thursday, May 17, 2007

RexRazor? Who is he anyway?

Many Pokémon trainers in the community are maybe thinking of this post's title.

Well, I'm Angelo de Villa, a Pokémon Fan since its initial launch in the Philippines. I'm in to the Pokémon Video Games and TCG.

Maybe your next question would be: "Why did you let the time pass before making such 'moves' for Pokémon?"

Well, being remote from the Metro is indeed a great boundary. I never did know that Pokémon still exist here. I felt all alone. I get to have Info from www.Pokémon.Com and that's all.

Then, I suddenly saw some TCG Boosters on sale at SkyBucks, Robinson's Place Lipa (The nearest metro in my place). I was shocked at what I saw. I was that amazed to see the TCG alive in the Phillipines.

I did some research and did found Neutral Grounds Forums. Being used to Internet dependency, I gathered all the cardlists and well understood everything. I created decks in MS Excel. Having the experience from the Gameboy TCG video game, I did created a Deck using bench attacks, Glalie from Unseen Forces and Claydol of Holon Phantoms.

I learned about the National Championships. I did compete there but unfortunately I was never able to finish the event due to Location matters, SM Megamall is really far from San Juan, Batangas. I was amazed to see the decks of many and I formulated my own "Deck Formula" which I use until now. Then months passed by. I was then pressured to play Yu-Gi-Oh TCG by my classmates and friends in College.

They did said that Pokémon is just for kids but I defended Pokémon's stand. My riends called me Deck Mech, short for Deck Mechanic. I made decks of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh perfectly. Then I learned about PKMNph. I signed in and realized that It way nearly too late but I will try. It did quite well. I remembered when I posted my Deck on the Deck Garage there. One posted that my deck actually has guts for a beginner. When I learned about it, I smiled and said: "I was just a nobody then but I'm not a beginner." From then on, we became friends and he even helped me fetch the cards I need for my deck. You know who you are... *Wehehe*

May this post explain myself in the Pokémon Community. I RexRazor, the King of Baldes, is here to serve in the Pokémon Revolution. Labeled as the Shadow Trainer or Deck Mech, I'll do what ever it takes to keep Pokémon alive at every fan's heart. I promise!