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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Journey To Holon Region (An Excerpt)

"A Jorney To Holon Region" is a fanfic book I am currently writing. It is based on EX Delta Species, a Pokémon TCG expansion.

Chapter 1 – An Accident, the Journey to Holon Region

In the unknown regions of time, strange and wondrous creatures appeared on this planet. We called them Pokémon. Over the years, countless varieties of Pokémon developed. Researchers identified hundreds of different types. And many more are yet to be discovered.
Many tales have been passed down on the extraordinary adventures we humans shared with our Pokémon friends. There have been conflicts too. But over the ages we’ve learned to live in harmony. And so the story continues.

Today there are heroes who collect Pokémon and train hard in battle. Some of them even dream of becoming Pokémon Masters, which is an exciting journey, full of challenges too. Being a trainer requires dedication and spirit. This road can certainly be long and difficult, but those who travel will find many friends along the way. Together humans and Pokémon will carry on a story facing new challenges and sharing new adventures that will become the tales of tomorrow.

Today we will see new trainers never been mentioned in the tales of our hero, Ash Ketchum. Three not-so-good trainers will have an unforgettable and unbelievable journey in the world of Pokémon.
After their defeat in the Ever Grande City, three young trainers, Cloud, Tyron and Charm are on their way to a ferry that will lead them to Vermillion City. They thought of competing in the Indigo League, where they may have an edge. Inside the ferry the saw many trainers that were like them, defeated by Ash & Pikachu, Morrison and Tyson. Some of them are even claiming that luck wasn't on their side.
It was seven o’clock sharp and it’s almost time for the boat to leave. Cloud was still depressed on what happened on all of his Pokémon. He could never forget how Ash's Pikachu wiped out all six of them in just single shots each. He was really traumatized about that one last fight at the eliminations. Tyron, just beside him, was business as usual, gazing at the female trainers aboard the ferry. On the other hand, Charm noticed four strange passengers, each wearing formal coats, which were tactically separated from each other. One of them has a Briefcase chained in his wrist. The other one was on a white coat talking with someone in his PokéGear. The one next to it has a strange looking watch that he inspects constantly, and the last one holding a Red Rod.
"Hey guys, look." Charm whispered Cloud and Tyron. "Can't you two fell something strange?"
"Yeah." Tyron replied. "These pretty girls are losers too, just like us."
"I lost to a Pikachu..." Cloud interrupted.
"Never mind!" Charm exclaimed.
Charm had a strange feeling when they were already in the middle of the sea. She saw the strange looking man shut off his PokéGear. To overcome her feelings she made herself busy by cheering the boys up.

"Hey you guys, it’s not the end of our Pokémon Journey yet!" Charm said. "Its just getting started, besides, losing for the first time isn't that bad after all."
Cloud snapped out of depression after hearing what Charm said.
"You know Charm, I think you're right! Let's leave our defeat in Hoenn and say hello to a new start when we reach Kanto." Cloud said.
The three looked at each other.
"Kanto Region, Here we come!" the three of them exclaimed.
Suddenly, a smokescreen filled the dark night. The crowd went to panic. The emergency signals went on; the boat seems unstable in the big waves of the sea.
"I told you something strange is going on here." Charm Said.
Cloud grabbed his Pokéball and threw on the air.
"Go, Swellow!" He said. "Swellow, use Gust attack to blew the smokescreen out."
Swellow did blow the smokescreen and revealed their sight. The four strange men were actually from different teams and a researcher. Each of the team members was from Team Rocket, Team Magma, and Team Aqua. Swellow returned to its Pokéball. They seem to be fighting for the briefcase.
"Give that orb to me. It will show us power for all the Pokémon of Team Magma!" One said.
"It's mine! The boss will promote me with this." The other one said.
"I'll never give it to any of you, never!" The researcher said.
"Seviper, go!" The Team Rocket member said. "Seviper, open the briefcase now!"
Seviper bit the briefcase and a yellow orb popped out. It rolled out and was lost in the panicking crowd.
"Go, Linoone! Find the orb." Cloud instructed his Linoone.
Cloud, Tyron and Charm managed to reach the researcher while the team members are busy looking for the orb.
"Trainers, find the orb." The researcher said. "Don't let them have it."
"What is it on the orb that they need, Sir?" Tyron asked.
"It’s the Holon Orb." He replied. "It is the only key to Holon Region."
"What?" the three asked again in confusion.
A huge wave capsized the ferry and sent them floating on the salty sea. Linoone instantly returned into its Pokéball. Cloud, Tyron, and Charm hold each other’s hands. Another gigantic wave rushed through them.
The next thing that came to Tyron’s mind is his headache he felt. Then he realized that they survived the huge waves last night.
"Whoa, it looks like we’re the only survivors." Tyron thought.
Then he checked Charm and Cloud to see if they’re all right.
"Where are we anyway?" Charm thought while seeing the huge island they are into.
"I don’t know Charm." Cloud replied. "Hey, there’s a tower over there. Let’s go see."