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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Getting Ready for Pokémon TCG Diamond & Pearl

Again I've created unique layouts for the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl TCG. While the Set isn't out yet in the Philippines I snagged some infos about the cardlist and created 2 experimental prototype decks from the gathered bits of info, namely Plant Parade and Psychic Tactic.

Plant Parade is based on the card Torterra, one of the starter on the NDS game. Honestly, its like love at first sight... literally! Torterra caught my attention in an instant (view my previous posts to know why). I added up the whole Roserade evolution line for my secondary attacker plus Vespiquen evolution line for healing. The Trainer Engine I used is the classical "Direct Draw Engine". The so-called "Holon Engine" won't function that much to DP expansion due to lack of Delta Species Pokémon they depend on, I guess... But I added up Holon Mentor. Its an excellent card. I also added a new Supporter Card, Professor Rowan. Its like a modified version of today's Professor Oak's Research. It saves one single card from your hand, set that card aside, shuffle the rest to the deck, then draw 4 more cards. Nice! Same Energy Line as before, no special energies.

On the other hand, Psychic Tactic is based on my favorite Pokémon, Gengar. This deck is centered on ghost type Pokémon plus the Wobbuffet evolution line. Same Trainer Engine as Plant Parade with a slight change to fit the needs of Psychic Pokémon. Same goes with the energies.

Hopefully I'll be exerting much effort to make this deck perfect and be able to play it on the nearest possible tournament (after Prerelease, I guess). I can't afford to go to a Official Leagues... Batangas is way to far on the league venues on the Metro... Well, that's for now...
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