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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Glimpse from the Shadow

Yesterday was likely to be "No Blog Post Day" to me... Its Barangay Fiesta in my place, cool, yet, boring. I get to surf the internet but just to check out my accounts, oh boy! But at least I am able to enjoy a day without work and with Pokémon TCG. Huh? Yeah, you read that right, Pokémon TCG. What could I possibly be doing with a bunch of Trading Cards and a pile of Deck Replicas... *Thinking* Woah! A mini tournament! After the deep thinking part I made a mini tournament with the decks both replicas and real cards I own.

Mini Tournament Participants:
  1. Eeveelutions Deck (Worlds 2006 1st Runner-Up)
  2. Burning Thunder Deck (A deck I created, Uses Tyranitar δ ex, Tyranitar δ, Milotic δ and Fearow δ w/ the Holon Engine)
  3. PsyVolts Deck (My own Deck, Uses Flygon δ ex, Jolteon ex and Lickitung δ w/ Holon Engine)
  4. Back2Basics Deck ( A deck I created, Uses Mew ex, Basics with confusion attacks and Skarmory ex)
  5. Plant Parade Deck ( D&P Deck I created, based on Torterra, Roserade and Vespiquen)
  6. Psychic Tactic Deck ( D&P Deck I created, Based on Gengar, Dusknoir and Wobbuffet)

And the tourney started. Want to know who used the said decks? Well, It was me... and my alter egos... *wahaha* Its kind of weird but the venue was just on my bedroom. The tourney spanned about 7am up to 1pm. I even skipped lunch to finish it. The Champion was Psychic Tactic, followed by Plant Parade then, a close fight on the Third place was between Back2Basics and Burning Thunder with was won by Back2Basics.

It was really fun and I enjoyed it. I even had ideas on how to make my almost perfect deck a massive winning deck.